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Pyramid Pan

  • Pyramid Pan


    This pyramid pan is made of non stick silicone which is easy to clean and easy to roll up and store away.  The pyramid design allows the fat to drip off the food, but also allows heat to travel underneath.  No more opening the oven half way through to rotate or flip your food as it's getting baked on both side at the ...

    All Pink Strawberry Starbursts

  • All Pink Strawberry Starbursts


    Starburst just released an all Pink Starburst limited edition to be sold in select stores.  Why wait when you can buy nothing but the best Starbursts in a 1 or 2 pound package now!  No more throwing away the yellow ones.

    Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

  • Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker


    Who wouldn't want a Mickey Mouse waffle maker?  Honestly kids love eating things in many shapes and what is better than Mickey Mouse?  Even as a parent I would love these waffles!  With children watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the time I would want nothing more than to poor syrup all over Mickey and stab him with ...

    The Original Benshot Shot Glass

  • The Original Benshot Shot Glass


    The Benshot Shot Glass is a high quality handmade product out of Wisconsin.  Great conversation piece for any bar or party.  They also have these available in tumblers, rock glasses etc...

    Wood Liquor Dispenser

  • Wood Liquor Dispenser


    These wood liquor dispensers are a fantastic gift idea for anyone with a home bar.  Creates a great look and conversation piece for any style decor.  Not only is this handmade and each one is different their patent pending design allows for a better seal and also removal of the bottle without it being empty.  Check ...

    Wine Liquor Bottle Locks

  • Wine Liquor Bottle Locks


    What a great way to keep the booze safe!  With these combination bottle locks you can make sure you won't have any unauthorized drinking of your wine or liquor.  I wish I had these when I was in college!!!

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    Homeade Gin Kit

  • Homeade Gin Kit


    This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Gin.  The homeade Gin kit enables you to take any bottle of Vodka and turn into an artisan style gin adjusted for your tastes in a few days.  There are also many different options available to have multiple different infusions.  This homeade gin kit is the perfect gift and ...

    Magnetic Bottle Holder

  • Magnetic Bottle Holder


    This magnetic bottle holder is a great idea for any refrigerator to free up some shelf space, or in my case a lot of shelf space.  Could also use this in cabinets to arrange magnetic lid spice jars for ease of viewing.

    Original Mule Copper Mugs

  • Original Mule Copper Mugs


    Get the set of two 100% copper mule mugs.  Gives the perfect mule drink everytime, but also becoming popular for gin and tonics and jack and cokes!

    Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

  • Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser


    Beatles fan and like Tea?  Perfect gift and conversation starter!