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Best Safety Razor and Blades

  • Best Safety Razor and Blades


    It amazes me people still use the cartridge razors with "x" number of blades, moisturizing strips and who knows what else, when the best shave comes from either a straight blade or double edge (DE) blade.  If you're a beginner or experienced below is the best safety razor on the market today. Best Overall Safety ...

    My Pillow Review & Why You Should Try It

  • My Pillow Review & Why You Should Try It


    So if you are anything like me you've tried pillows of all types and budgets.  I honestly can tell you I've tried pillows that are cheap, expensive, memory foam, down, and would even consider bricks if you told me it was comfortable.  I was struggling night after night to get comfortable for years and I just dealt ...

    Best Top Rated Blenders Reviewed

  • Best Top Rated Blenders Reviewed


    What's the Best Top Rated Blender of 2017? Buying a blender is something you don't do everyday, and with so many choices, how do you decide what blender is best for what you are looking for? The first thing is deciding on what type of blender best suits your needs.  If you love to cook and love making soup or ...


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