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Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder

  • Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder


    All home owners have a need for a ladder but storage comes at a premium.  My old extension ladder has half a wall in the shed dedicated it to it alone!  This removes the hassle of lugging the large ladder as it folds down to about the size of a lawn chair.  The home edition of the Xtend and Climb ladder reaches up to ...

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    Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 Metal Detector

  • Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 Metal Detector


    With the boom of the television series Curse of Oak Island people are finding their youth and treasure hunting everywhere!  Get you piece of the pie and maybe find your own treasure.  If not at least your enjoying the fresh air.  Great for all ages.

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    Fidget1 Cube

  • Fidget1 Cube


    Do you find yourself always fidgeting with something at the office, be it a pen or paperclip?  Enjoy some anxiety and stress relief with the Fidget1 Cube.  This fidget toy has everything from rolling, clicking, flicking or spinning.  This toy guarantees to keep your mind and stress at ease.

    7Tech 3D Printing Pen

  • 7Tech 3D Printing Pen


    Get in on the fun with this 3D printing pen and let your imagination run wild!  Draw anything you can think of in 3D, great for abstracts, children fun or coffee table art.  Pen comes with some filament but would suggest buying more with different colors.

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  • LumoPad


    Get ready for some glow in the dark fun with the LumoPad.  Make any drawing with a light source and watch it illuminate and disappear allowing for hours of drawing in the dark fun.

    Openwheeler Racing Cockpit

  • Openwheeler Racing Cockpit


    The Openwheeler racing cockpit is the start to any great racing experience on PS3 or Xbox 360.  Build up  a true arcade experience in your home when you add the racing wheel, pedals and shift knob.  Get immersed in a better gaming and racing experience in your home.  This brings me back to the day of just running to ...

    GoGlove Bluetooth Gloves

  • GoGlove Bluetooth Gloves


    With these bluetooth gloves answering a call or changing the music is a breeze!  Use while driving, skiing, snowboarding or jogging.  Ease to also control a Go Pro camera with the app for even more functionality on the slopes or anywhere else.

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    VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

  • VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


    This waterproof bluetooth speaker is perfect for anyone on the go. Has a built in suction cup to put on shower wall or car dashboard. Using your smart device play music practically anywhere with the waterproof speaker.

    Minecraft Light Up Torch

  • Minecraft Light Up Torch


    The Minecraft light up torch is a perfect gift for any gamer. Great for just decoration or to light the way. Think about Halloween as well as would make a great accessory to any Minecraft costume.

    SoundSoul Water Dancing Speakers

  • SoundSoul Water Dancing Speakers


    Add some ambiance around your computer, office or living room.  Unit has a built in amplifier and has 3.5mm port to plug and play from practically any device.  These dancing water speakers I could easily become mesmerized and waste a couple of hours!

    $25.79 $49.99 Check it Out